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Email Plans

Good Sender? Great Pricing. 

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Our email pricing is based on the quality and quantity of email you send. As you send more email your price will drop lower and lower as long as you maintain a good sending reputation.


Bulk Email Packages

# of Emails Cost (INR)
Cost (INR) / 1000 Cost (INR) / Email
50,000 4,000 80


1,00,000 7,000 70 0.07
5,00,000 25,000 50 0.05
10,00,000 40,000 40 0.04

Valid for 1 Year *


One Time Setup Fee INR.2,500 (For the application integration with website.)

Newsletter Design Packages

Newsletters / Month
Monthly Cost (INR) Quarterly Cost (INR)
1 Newsletter 999 2,699
2 Newsletter 1,599 4,499
3 Newsletter 2,399 6,299
4 Newsletter 2,799 7,799
5 Newsletter 2,999 8,299



Sending attachments with your emails has an additional cost of INR.0.09 / Megabyte (MB). Note that embedded images count as attachments so they will be charged appropriately.


No monthly commitments: Pay only for what you use. No unused credits.

Our Email strategy works like a pre-paid mobile phone. You deposit credit in your account and as each email is sent we will deduct it from your balance. When you start to get low we'll let you know, so you can top up your account.

What is included?

All Email accounts provide all the good stuff you'd expect from a top level SMTP provider. All clients at every price level get all our features:

  • Powerful deliverability features - SPF, DKIM, Content Analysis, Reputation Scoring and a detailed breakdown of what you need to do to improve your delivery reputation.
  • White Label - Customize all the links, headers and DNS settings for your email to your domains for a completely private branded solution and better deliverability.
  • Complete Delivery Statistics - Delivery tracking for mails.